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Whom do you counsel?
  • Adults, young adults, and teenagers who want help to recover from emotional hurts, and to regain fulfillment, zest for life, and confidence.
  • Couples and families who want to improve the “dance” of their relationships and to learn skills in deep and respectful listening and emotional support for each other.
  • Children who need a light, playful, yet respectful adult to help them work through hurts and confusions in their lives. I also invite parents to join the sessions and mentor skills in creating happier, more fulfilling interaction between parents and their children.
When are you available?
I am available for appointments during the day, in evenings, and sometimes on weekends.
How long is each session?
Usually, we meet for one hour, with some flexibility to make sure you have time to recover from deep feelings. If longer sessions work better for you, we can adjust the fee.
How often would we meet?
It depends on what works for you. To maintain progress and allow for time to integrate the counselling, I usually recommend meeting about once a week.
Where is your office?
I offer counselling in my cosy office in the west end of Ottawa (an easy ride by car or bus).
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How about long-distance counselling?
I also offer counselling by phone or Skype for people who live anywhere in North America, or people in Ottawa who prefer to do sessions in the comfort of their homes. Counselling long-distance is just as effective as in person. You email or phone me to set up an appointment, and I phone you or Skype you. I cover the long-distance charges.